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Take care to protect your electronic data during a divorce

Technology and the Internet have given us more ways to communicate than ever before. People can make phone calls and send text messages from their cell phones. They can send messages to each other via emails, and the online social media platforms Twitter and Facebook. It is something we do every day, without even giving it a second thought. However, for those in Orange County who are getting a divorce, it is important that they understand how all of this electronic data will be handled.

First of all, it is possible that their attorney will want to review their electronic data, as part of negotiating a divorce settlement. Moreover, their ex's attorney will want to do so as well. So, what measures can a person take to protect their electronic data in a divorce?

One thing a person can do is to deactivate their social media accounts until the divorce is finalized. By restricting their activity online, there is less personal information their ex can use against them. In particular, they should not post if they start a new romantic relationship and they should not post about their spending habits.

In addition, a person can take steps to make sure their accounts are secure. This includes changing their passwords on their accounts. They may even want to go so far as to change their security questions to something their ex would not know. In addition, they may want to consider establishing a new email account.

Also, a person may want to consider disabling the synching and location tracking features on their smartphones. Although it is convenient for a person to have their information synched between themselves and others, this could result in a loss of privacy.

In the end, people going through a divorce need to take care that they handle their electronic data responsibly. It is better to increase your security measures or even abstain from utilizing too much electronic data for a while, in order to protect yourself during the divorce process.

Source: Forbes, "How Is Electronic Data Handled In Divorce?," Jeff Landers, Dec. 22, 2016

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