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December 2016 Archives

Take care to protect your electronic data during a divorce

Technology and the Internet have given us more ways to communicate than ever before. People can make phone calls and send text messages from their cell phones. They can send messages to each other via emails, and the online social media platforms Twitter and Facebook. It is something we do every day, without even giving it a second thought. However, for those in Orange County who are getting a divorce, it is important that they understand how all of this electronic data will be handled.

Can Orange County parents deduct child support on their taxes?

2016 may have brought many changes to Orange County families, and for some people the biggest change they faced in 2016 was a divorce. After two parents in Orange County divorce, the noncustodial parent generally pays child support to the custodial parent. Sometimes this adds up to a lot of money. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average amount of child support paid nationwide is $5,150. Parents paying child support may wonder, are these payments are tax deductible?

What is quasi-community property in a California divorce?

Couples in California who have been married a long time may have accumulated a good deal of property. They may have bought a home, automobiles, furniture and other valuable possessions. They may also have savings accounts, retirement accounts, pensions, stocks and life insurance policies. Therefore, should the couple eventually divorce, there are a lot of property division issues that must be considered.

Now's the time to review your holiday child custody plan

The winter holidays are upon us, and for many in California it is a time for family. However, for parents who are divorced the holiday season becomes a lot more complicated. When the couple divorced, they may have included a holiday child custody schedule in their parenting plan. Now is a good time to review that schedule, perhaps with the help of an attorney, so everyone, including the child, knows what to expect.

When can a parent pursue a child support modification?

Life has a way of throwing unexpected surprises our way. For example, a parent in California could receive a significant increase or decrease in his or her income, or experience a job loss. A new child from a new relationship could be born to a parent who has children from a previous relationship. Or parents who are divorced or no longer together could have a major change to the amount of parenting time they each have with the child. In addition, a child's needs, such as medical needs or child care needs, could change. If a parent is receiving or paying child support, these life events could cause that parent to seek a child support modification.

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