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Spousal support can be a hotly contested issue in a divorce

When a California couple decides to divorce, one contentious issue that will often bubble to the surface is that of spousal support, also known as alimony. Some here in this state may think that spousal support is an automatic right.

However, the fact is that in California, judges are given a good deal of discretion when deciding whether to award spousal support, Specifically, a judge can consider how much support should be awarded and how long the award will last. How long the couple was married, their respective incomes and the lifestyle they had while married may all be factors in determining an appropriate spousal support award for a specific case.

Of course, such decisions are not without their disputes. Oftentimes spouses will disagree about what their income or the income of their ex actually is and what their respective financial needs are as they leave their relationship. This can be especially important if one spouse is not working or is underemployed, as during a marriage only one spouse may have worked or been directly responsible for a majority of the couple's income.

Whether you are seeking spousal support, disputing some aspect of it or fighting against it altogether, it can be important to have a legal advocate at your side. The legal team at Kevin Qualls Family Law believe in providing their clients with solid information and realistic guidance. They evaluate all aspects of their clients' cases to determine what the most appropriate strategy to take is. The firm's webpage on spousal support may be informative for those who have questions on this topic.

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