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Child custody issues can be emotional, but help is available

It is only natural that most parents in California want to spend as much time as possible with their child. This is what makes child custody issues in a divorce so emotional. Parents have to come to the realization that the time they have with their child may have significantly changed. Consequentially, they must also realize that, when their child is with the other parent, they lose some level of control over their child's life. The legal professionals at Kevin Qualls Family Law understand that this makes establishing a child custody plan that meets the needs of the parents and moreover protects the best interests of the child very challenging.

Can a spousal support order be changed in California?

A common issue that arises when a California couple is either divorced or were domestic partners and parted ways is spousal support and the possibility of changing or ending it. There are many reasons why a person who is paying alimony to a former spouse might want to pursue this option. Understanding how this can be handled whether it is a dispute or an amicable arrangement is important to doing it legally.

The end of a marriage through a summary dissolution

While it might not apply to most situations in which a couple is choosing to move forward with the end of a marriage in California, some might be able to expedite the process by using a summary dissolution. There are certain factors that must be in place for a summary dissolution, and it might be necessary for a couple to move forward with a conventional divorce. But, this is an option to consider. It must be remembered, however, that a summary dissolution is a divorce and not a legal separation.

How might an unmarried parent in California pursue child support?

In California, each parent shares an equal obligation to provide financially for their child. Child support, of course, is not an issue for married parents, but for unmarried parents who are no longer in a relationship with one another, child support becomes an issue they must address. When an unmarried parent is seeking child support he or she must move the court for an order to establish both paternity and subsequently child support.

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