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Significant life changes can lead to child custody modification

Divorce can impact a person's life in many significant ways, but after the divorce is complete, each spouse moves their separate ways, living in their new life post-divorce. If a couple in California has children, a child custody and visitation schedule will be part of the final divorce decree. For the sake of the children who need both stability and the ability to spend meaningful time with each parent, it is important that these child custody and visitation schedules are honored.

However, life is rarely static and change is almost inevitable. Perhaps, one parent was struck with a serious illness that prevents him or her from being able to properly care for the child. Or, one spouse may have to take on a new job with new hours or in a new location. In the worst of circumstances, though, a parent is abusing his or her child.

In situations like these, parents may want to seek a modification of their child custody and visitation order. California courts have the authority to re-evaluate such orders and may modify them if there has been a significant change in circumstances.

But, proving a significant change in circumstances is not always easy. Sometimes, the child's wishes can be factored into the decision, if the child has reached a sufficient age to express where he or she would like to live.

Moreover, if a parent contests a motion for modification of a child custody and visitation schedule, he or she will need to present a strong argument as to why the current custody and visitation schedule should be adhered to. In either case, having the help of a dedicated attorney can help parents in such situations work towards a fair result. The following webpage from the law firm of Kevin Qualls Family Law provides more information about child custody and visitation modification in California.

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