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Significant life changes can lead to child custody modification

Divorce can impact a person's life in many significant ways, but after the divorce is complete, each spouse moves their separate ways, living in their new life post-divorce. If a couple in California has children, a child custody and visitation schedule will be part of the final divorce decree. For the sake of the children who need both stability and the ability to spend meaningful time with each parent, it is important that these child custody and visitation schedules are honored.

How does one form a domestic partnership in California?

Not every couple in California who lives together wants to eventually marry. The reasons behind this are personal. Cohabiting couples may instead choose to enter into a domestic partnership. However, there are certain requirements that a couple must satisfy before they can become a legally recognized domestic partners.

What factors may a court consider when ordering spousal support?

One of the most potentially volatile legal issues couples in California seeking a divorce will have to address is that of spousal support -- also known as alimony. While it may be the case that one spouse is willing to pay the other a fair amount of support, often couples cannot agree on what is fair, or may even contest whether support should be paid at all.

Advanced planning can make for a happy summer post divorce

The end of the school year and the beginning of summertime is something that many children in Orange County look forward to. After all, summer is more than just a break from school -- it means trips to the beach, vacations, picnics, summer camp and simply the pure enjoyment of long, lazy days.

What is 'supervised visitation' in California?

When two parents in California divorce, or separate if they were never married, a child custody and visitation plan will be created that establishes the schedules in which the child will be in each parent's care, and whether one parent or both will have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the child.

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