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Despite guidelines, parents may have child support questions

California statutes lay out guidelines for an initial determination of child support that are in general supposed to be specific and clear. Typically, each parent’s income will be examined as will the amount of time they will be caring for the child. However, there may be situations in which a deviation is warranted or “add-ons” are appropriate, for example, for child care.

With all this in mind, parents -- whether they are paying child support or receiving child support -- may have questions about how the guidelines apply to their situation. Moreover, even with the guidelines in place, disputes regarding a fair and appropriate amount of child support may ensue.

Moreover, even after an initial child support order is made, some significant circumstance in either parent’s lives may have changed necessitating a modification to the initial order. Or, what happens if a parent refuses to pay child support and the order must be enforced by the California Department of Child Support Services?  As this shows, while the guidelines attempt to be clear-cut, many questions regarding them may arise.

In general, California parents have limited experience with interpreting California Family Code and how to argue their case in court. In these situations, having the support of a dedicated attorney can prove to be invaluable. For over two decades, family lawyer Kevin L. Qualls has represented individuals -- both men and women -- in child support cases, from determining paternity to pursuing post-judgment modifications. It is important that your child support order is grounded on sound and accurate information, and that it is appropriate per the law.

Child support orders must be fair and appropriate for both parties, and even more importantly they must serve to provide adequate support to the child. For more information about child support in California, the firm’s child support webpage may be of use.

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