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What custodial options are there for parents getting a divorce?

Getting a divorce can send an individual's emotions down a rocky road. This is especially true if children are involved. After all, in general California parents want to keep a strong relationship with their child even after the divorce is final. However, deciding how this relationship will be maintained through child custody and visitation can be difficult.

California courts use the best interests of the child standard when making child custody and visitation decisions. The professionals at Kevin Qualls Family Law aim to make sure that children of a divorce continue to maintain a meaningful relationship with both parents, barring unsafe situations such as drug or alcohol abuse or domestic abuse.

In some cases joint physical custody situations work out, depending on each parent's work schedule as well as each parent's capacity to communicate with each other in a positive way. Even if joint physical custody isn't possible, it may be possible to create a visitation arrangement that allows a noncustodial parent to spend meaningful time with their child. Joint legal custody is very common and in general entails both parents working together to make major life decisions for the child.

When it comes to child custody, most parents don't want to become just the "weekend parent." They want a full and meaningful relationship with their child both now and in the future, and may fear that divorce will sever this relationship. At Kevin Qualls Family Law understands this, all of our attorneys are strong advocates for the custody and visitation rights of our clients in California. Our website's child custody overview may be a good resource for parents in California going through a divorce.

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