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What custodial options are there for parents getting a divorce?

Getting a divorce can send an individual's emotions down a rocky road. This is especially true if children are involved. After all, in general California parents want to keep a strong relationship with their child even after the divorce is final. However, deciding how this relationship will be maintained through child custody and visitation can be difficult.

Prenuptial agreements and marriage can go hand-in-hand

Couples in Orange County planning a wedding have a lot on their plate. In between finding the perfect outfit, arranging for flowers and musicians and deciding where to go on their honeymoon, couples ready to walk down the aisle may neglect to have one important pre-marriage conversation: creating a prenuptial agreement.

How can one modify a child support order?

The state of California has guidelines it uses to determine how much a parent should pay in child support. These child support guidelines take each parent's income into account as well as other factors in reaching a decision. As a very general rule, this results in a child support order that is appropriate. While this child support amount may work well for a period of time, a significant life event could take place that makes it necessary to modify the amount of child support owed.

What factors may be considered when determining spousal support?

Spousal support in California is often a hotly debated topic between two individuals seeking a divorce. However, the court's main focus is issuing an order that is fair and appropriate. There are certain factors that the court may consider in such situations. California residents may be interested in learning more about what these factors are.

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