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Despite guidelines, child support cases can be complex

As divorcing parents in Orange County may know, the California Family Code has established guidelines for courts to follow when making an initial child support order. In general, child support may be based on each party's income and how much time the child will spend with each parent. However, life is rarely so cut-and-dried, and an individual's case may be very complex.

For example, parents may want to seek a departure from the standard guidelines for child support if one of them earns a significantly higher income than the other. In addition, some parents may want to seek an "add-on" to the child support amount calculated from the guidelines to include child care if it is necessary for each parent to pay 50 percent of these expenses. Child support cases can also become more complex if one party has not fully disclosed his or her income or earns a living through self-employment.

All of these situations have significant legal consequences. Individuals facing them may soon find themselves mired in legal complexities that they have little understanding of. When this happens, they may need to rely on the advice of an attorney to help guide them through the process and represent their interests.

In the end, what is most important is that a fair and appropriate amount of child support is reached that meets the needs of the child. After all, each parent is obligated to care for the child financially. Whether this is through having custody of the child or through paying child support, parents in California who have questions about child support should not hesitate to have their questions answered by legal professionals, such as those at Kevin Qualls Family Law. The firm has a child support webpage that may be a good jumping-off point for those seeking help.

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