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March 2016 Archives

In an international adoption, can the child gain residency?

There are many personal reasons why a couple in California would choose to adopt a child. Maybe the couple cannot have biological children, maybe a stepparent wants to formally adopt his or her stepchild or maybe the couple simply wants to provide a loving home for a child in need. Some parents want to adopt a child from another country. What is needed for the child in an intercountry adoption to become part of a family in the United States?

What happens if marital property in California is commingled?

In California, married couples have community property and separate property. In general, community property is property owned by both spouses. It includes anything they purchased or obtained while married, except in some situations such as gifts made to one spouse only or inheritances received by only one spouse. It also includes earnings made by each spouse while married. Separate property on the other hand is property solely owned by one spouse or the other before they married. However, are there cases in which separate property becomes marital?

Despite guidelines, child support cases can be complex

As divorcing parents in Orange County may know, the California Family Code has established guidelines for courts to follow when making an initial child support order. In general, child support may be based on each party's income and how much time the child will spend with each parent. However, life is rarely so cut-and-dried, and an individual's case may be very complex.

What are some alternatives to litigation in a divorce?

Going through a divorce can be a stressful situation. It is understandably a very emotional time, combined with the fact that each spouse is undergoing the transition from living together as a couple to establishing individual households. They must make important decisions regarding property division, spousal support and in some cases child custody and child support. It is easy to see why divorce can be a difficult chapter in anyone's life.

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