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Divorce rates down in December, according to study

There are many factors that go in the decision to end a marriage in divorce. While couples typically make every effort to repair a marriage and live up to the "until death do us part" promise, the unfortunate reality is that approximately half of marriages in the United States, for a myriad number of reasons, were just never meant to be and end in divorce.

This decision can be especially difficult during the holiday season. Studies show that many unhappy couples wait until after the holidays to file for divorce. The reasons are numerous. If children are involved, the parents may wish to maintain a happy experience for the children and not put negative emotions in their mind during the holidays. The same is true for families. Holiday parties and family gatherings are common during the holidays and in an effort to minimize tensions and potential issues, they may wait until after the holidays.

Finances also play a factor in the decision to not divorce during the holidays. In addition to the purchasing of presents for family and friends and the credit card debts that inevitably come with it, many families decide to travel or go on vacation during the holidays. It usually takes a few months to recover from the debts of the holidays, which often leads to a spike in divorces in the month of March.

In Pennsylvania, for example, according to Allegheny County records, divorce totals are lowest in December and highest in March. The decision to divorce is never easy, but it is important if people feel the time has come to protect themselves, their children and their future to consider hiring a family law representation to best protect their interests when it comes to a pending divorce.

Source: Miami Herald, "Studies show couples wait until after holidays to divorce," Tim Grant, Dec. 22, 2015

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