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Child support goes a long way in securing a child's development

Some people in Orange County may believe that child support payments can only to be used towards costs associated with food and shelter. But in reality, child support payments cover a wide variety of costs towards a child's life and development.

In addition to helping the custodial parent with housing costs such as rent, electricity, heat and other costs of living, child support payments are also used to cover not only a child's medical expenses, but other costs as well. For example, education costs may be covered, as may child care costs if the custodial parent works outside the home.

Essentially all costs associated with protecting a child's well-being and maintaining a happy and healthy life for your child can be addressed through child support. Where child support payments may be allocated will be discussed during the divorce proceedings, but it is wise to prepare yourself with a list of expected costs to help during the process.

With child support playing such an important role in a child's growth and development, it should go without saying that finding a strong law firm with experience and success in protecting a child should be of vital importance. Kevin Qualls Family Law has over 20 years of experience serving Orange County, California, and the surrounding area in all areas of family law. They use their knowledge of California child support laws to protect their clients' interests. Such laws may be related to child support calculations or child support modifications. If you need to learn more about child support issues or any issues related to divorce or family law, the following child support website may help.

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