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Navigating the divorce process

There are several events in life that can bring about extreme stress. One such event is divorce and although some divorces are ultimately for the best, the process of moving through a period of stressors stemming from heartache, financial issues, children and more can be difficult to navigate alone. It is for these reasons and more that seeking experienced legal representation during such times can be helpful in formulating a strong legal plan of action.

While thinking of a divorce might conjure images of a monolithic, one-sized entity, there are several different elements of divorce that can make the process complex. Division of assets can be a point of contention among those getting divorce. While a "50-50" split may sound simple and clean, the reality of the situation can be very different. Characterization of property and the division of complex assets such as family-owned businesses, art and other collections and more can be difficult to sift through given the other emotional stresses.

Beyond physical assets, children can obviously be a source of great stress and uncertainty during a divorce. With the best interests of the child in mind, decisions must be made that work out to an agreed situation between the divorcing parties.

At Kevin Qualls Family Law, we strive to assist those going through such situations in positive ways. Our experience in areas of family law, including divorce, allow us to understand what a person may be going through and respond in a way that makes the process easier and less stressful. For more information, please visit our divorce page.

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