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Actress Kelly Cuoco, star of 'Big Bang Theory,' files for divorce

In what some tabloids are calling the "year of the celebrity divorce", Hollywood has claimed yet another pair of victims. Kelly Cuoco, famous for her role as Penny on the popular television sitcom "Big Bang Theory" has filed for divorce from Bahamian tennis star Ryan Sweeting. The marriage lasted 21 months.

Cuoco cited "irreconcilable differences" in the divorce papers, according to sources obtained by US Weekly. Throughout the United States, including Orange County, California, all states recognize "no fault" divorces, though not all states recognize a fault divorce. Fault divorce causes could include abandonment, pain or cruelty, or adultery, among others. A common no fault divorce reason is simply irreconcilable differences, which, as the title suggests, simply means an incompatibility between the partners that could not be overcome.

Although state courts try to make every effort to honor and adhere to the laws of other states, if the divorce involves spouses or properties that extend beyond one state, or of the divorce is filed in a state other than the one where both spouses live, things may get complicated.

As Cuoco and Sweeting have likely discovered, marriage laws are often complex. As a result, it is often in a Californian's best interest to protect themselves, their family and their property by fully understanding the laws and proceeding with their divorce in the best manner possible. Often than cannot be accomplished alone. If so, having a team of professionals at their side may best serve a Californian's personal interests and protect them against unforeseen hurdles during the divorce proceedings.

Source: US Magazine, "Kaley Cuoco Files for Divorce From Ryan Sweeting, Cites Irreconcilable Differences," Sierra Marquina, Sept. 28, 2015

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