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Know your rights regarding matters of child support

During the divorce process, if there are children are involved there will be a decision made regarding the custody of the children. Following this decision, child support allowances may be rewarded to the custodial parent who is tasked with taking care of the child.

For the non-custodial parent, this often means paying child support. California courts will first look at the needs of the children and the current income of both parents. They will then issue a child support order, with a certain value to be paid to the custodial parent. It is important to understand that child support payments may be required for both parents who are ex-spouses, as well as children born out of wedlock.

Failure to pay child support payments may lead to significant penalties including taking the payments out of tax refunds, the seizure of personal property or real estate and even the revocation of certain licenses such as a builder's or plumber's license.

The government typically tries to avoid putting a delinquent child support payer in jail, as it often counter-productive; a person in jail is not able to earn an income, hence the child support payment obligations will still not be met.

As is the case with areas concerning the child, the child's best interests are always kept in mind and prioritized by the courts when rendering a decision and assigning a child support order. Both the custodial and non-custodial parent should keep this in mind in an effort to make an amicable decision regarding a fair and appropriate child support payment.

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