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There are many myths associated with alimony, also known as spousal support. This family law issue is often a misunderstood concept. A family law court in California will not award alimony automatically to a divorced partner of a working spouse. Rather, it will consider many different factors. Hence, if you are a spouse who is looking to get alimony or you are someone who has to pay alimony, you can expect a heavily disputed issue. In order to ensure that your case is solid, whether you are looking to pay or to receive alimony, you will most likely need the support of an experienced attorney who can build a strong case on your behalf.

The Kevin Qualls Family Law practice, with decades of experience in family law, is committed to providing reliable and precise information. If you feel that you need to be protected against any unreasonable demand made by your spouse, the legal team of the California-based firm can help. The prominent factors that a California court weighs before awarding alimony are the marriage duration, the earning capacity of the spouses, the income and the lifestyle maintained during the time that the couple was married.

California courts may issue a temporary or a permanent alimony order. Hence, it is important to be well prepared for the family law proceedings. Alimony awards specify both the amount and the period during which spousal support must be paid. A person will need to weigh all of the options before the judge decides on the alimony order. That is a situation in which an experienced attorney is very valuable.

Family disputes may occur if there is a mismatch between financial needs and actual incomes of the divorcing spouses and the earning potential of the non-working spouse. For that reason, it is important to employ the services of an astute attorney who can provide sound legal counsel.

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