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California post-divorce modification needs prompt action

A Californian's life can take an unexpected turn after divorce. Recognizing that, California courts have retained the power for re-evaluation of orders related to child support, alimony, child custody and visitation. When circumstances change, the person may need the support of an experienced attorney, who cannot only empathize with the person's situation, but also provide sound legal advice.

An experienced California firm, Kevin Qualls Family Law, has decades of experience at both defending against and petitioning for post-divorce modifications. The firm helps the clients address their concerns. Those concerns include child support and spousal support modifications. Those modifications may become necessary, if the person has become unemployed. Even if the person had a substantial change in income, there may need to be modifications in spousal support. If there is a change in the economic needs of the child, there may also be a need for child support modification.

It is very important to take prompt action, if a person needs to have the support modified. Other post-divorce modifications include changes in visitation and child custody orders. The child custody modification may be granted by the court, if the person can prove in court that the child is not happy with the current living arrangement or if the child has reached an age in which that child's wishes must be honored legally. If substance abuse or domestic violence is an issue, there could also be post-divorce modifications.

If a parent is relocating and the other parent wishes to prevent that, that parent will need to contact an attorney who can help. Any post-divorce modification will need to take prompt action and the person will need the support of an experienced attorney.

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