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How an attorney can speed up the adoption process

For people with means and open hearts, taking a deserving child into their existing homes is an act of compassion. Adoption can make life much easier for a child who has no adult that can care for them on a permanent basis. In California, however, adoption has become drawn out and disappointingly slow over the years.

Even though the legal process is often slow and complicated, finding safe and happy homes for children is one of the main missions of California's Department of Social Services. To help address the backlog of cases that has left thousands of kids in the foster care system waiting for permanent adoptions, the California Kids Connection program has been created by state authorities to help match parents looking for adoptable children with children looking for homes. The program is using the Internet and secure websites to help caseworkers match children and potential adoptive parents.

An orientation program is also conducted to let prospective parents know about legal formalities as well as challenges inherent in the adoption process. Once parents have identified themselves to state agencies and expressed their desire to adopt, state authorities will conduct a family assessment to determine the parents will be able to provide a safe and nurturing home for any children they might adopt. If the parents are found eligible, then the attorneys will help them draft the required forms and documents to facilitate adoption.

Even with the help now being provided by state agencies, professional adoption lawyers are available to help speed up the adoption process and lay out the process for potential parents. Understanding that legal hassles and improper paperwork can slow down and even cancel an adoption, attorney Kevin Qualls has learned to help clients navigate the process in less time and with better results.

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