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June 2015 Archives

What California law considers to be community property

In California, when a couple's marriage ends, their property is to be divided equitably under state law. This means that, unless otherwise exempted by a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, all assets that either or both spouses accumulate or earn during the course of their marriage is considered to be community property and is up for more-or-less equal division. Property or assets acquired before the marriage and inheritances are usually exempt from property division.

Will California be the first to install paperless child support?

Child support cases often require excessive legal work with piles of paper documentation. In most cases, the courts investigate the financial circumstances of both parents involved in a child support case. The total income of each parent is often determined along with the financial liabilities, such as loans or even other child support payments from previous relationships, to gauge the amount of disposable income each parent would have.

How an attorney can speed up the adoption process

For people with means and open hearts, taking a deserving child into their existing homes is an act of compassion. Adoption can make life much easier for a child who has no adult that can care for them on a permanent basis. In California, however, adoption has become drawn out and disappointingly slow over the years.

How is the amount of child support determined in California?

Meeting a child's financial needs is one of the most important duties of any noncustodial parent in California. In many cases, the parent who was awarded custody may not earn enough to support the person's biological children, so child support payments are critical to making sure children's needs are met. But, a parent who is required to pay support may wonder how it is determined.

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