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Father fights for alimony modification in California

Divorces are often riddled with a high voltage of emotional drama. One of the major pressing issues in divorce cases is the issue of spousal support or alimony. Under alimony laws, California family courts try to employ the rule of equity where neither party should be adversely affected or at a financial loss due to the end of the marital bond.

California and federal domestic partnership laws

The legalization of the domestic partnership has helped many California residents who have been in long-term, live-in relationships with their intimate partners and haven't yet had the opportunity to marry. Domestic partnership laws have also historically helped same-sex couples who were not allowed to legally marry under state law. Since the legalization of domestic partnerships, most of the benefits under state laws given to heterosexual couples are also available to domestic partners. However, spousal benefits under federal laws are not yet available to domestic partners.

Relocation can pose a problem in child custody cases

Parents who are separated or divorced often fight to retain custody of their minor children. In many cases, the parent who has been awarded custody by the state might have to travel to other parts of the state or country for work or may need to relocate after remarrying. Child custody agreements often need to be modified to incorporate the custodial parent's relocation plan in the event that the person wishes to move with the minor child.

Children should not be collateral damage in any divorce

Too often children are caught between parents during divorce proceedings. Because they are the subject of certain decisions that parents and a judge must make -- especially child custody and child support -- uncertainty about their future can only add more anxiety to an already difficult time, especially if a parent seems to be prompting them to take sides. If the spouses are not able to go through divorce peacefully, they often malign one another in front of their children, and this can adversely affect children's emotional well-being.

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