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Mediation can help resolve California child custody disputes

Many California couples agree that divorce hits children hard. While their parents can at least look forward to a new life, children are often haunted by insecurity. Parents frequently wonder who will have child custody and who will pay for child support. In the best interests of the child, courts usually order one parent to provide child custody and order the other parent to pay child support.

Parents usually can map out a visitation plan; however, there may be times when they disagree. Child custody mediation gives the parents the opportunity to settle their disagreements about a visitation plan. During mediation, parents use a child custody mediator to help them resolve any child custody disputes. The mediator draws up a parenting plan with the approval of the parents. Afterward, the child custody and visitation plan is approved by the court.

The child custody mediation plan has specific goals. It helps parents design a plan that is in the best interest of the children. It also lets parents develop a visitation schedule and parenting plan that helps them spend time with their children. Child custody mediation can also help families deal with any feelings of resentment or anger.

Parents can take advantage of family court services. Family court services have mediators who can settle disputes related to child custody. Even better, the family court services are available free of charge. Generally, mediators meet the parents individually and sometimes they meet them together. The mediator will ask questions related to a family's history. In cases of domestic violence, a parent has the right to meet with a mediator separately as it may be a more productive, effective meeting.

Source: California Courts, "Custody Mediation," Accessed on April 14, 2015

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