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How is property divided in the event of a divorce in California?

A divorce, no matter where it occurs, can tug on heart and purse strings. Many aspects of a divorce require careful analysis for a fair settlement, such as alimony payment, property division and child support payments.

Mediation can help resolve California child custody disputes

Many California couples agree that divorce hits children hard. While their parents can at least look forward to a new life, children are often haunted by insecurity. Parents frequently wonder who will have child custody and who will pay for child support. In the best interests of the child, courts usually order one parent to provide child custody and order the other parent to pay child support.

What are the fees for adoption in California?

Many California residents would agree that a child is a blessing to his or her parents and family members. If a couple is unable to have a baby naturally, then adoption may be a viable option. How much will it cost a person to adopt a child in California? All residents who want to adopt a child end up before the California Department of Social Services or CDSS, which reviews each adoption case and then submits a report to the California court within six months of receipt of the petition.

How do you ask for a spousal support order in divorce?

Divorce is not just about two people moving on with their lives. There are also financial issues and concerns, such as property division, child support payments and child custody. One financial aspect of divorce that a spouse needs to keep in mind is payment of spousal support or alimony. Everywhere in the country, including here in California, a spouse can ask for spousal support when the divorce case is filed. Temporary spousal support orders can be filed even when an individual is awaiting a final divorce decree.

Orange County family law attorneys may ensure quick turnaround

Orange County family law deals with life's painful and stressful changes, including divorce. Divorce, as California residents would agree, often evokes a range of negative emotions, such as pain, anger and depression. At such a critical juncture in life, an individual needs the support of an astute attorney who will not only sympathize with the person, but also provide expert advice.

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