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Is there a simplified process for getting divorced in California?

Getting a divorce in California or elsewhere in the country can be quite burdensome. The couple who decides to part ways has to sign a lot of paperwork that can be quite painful, as the parties may be experiencing a kaleidoscope of emotions, such as anger, frustration and despair. Perhaps this is the reason why collaborative divorce is becoming more popular with parties who must negotiate about various issues, such as child custody, child support or spousal support.

In California, there is another simplified process for getting a divorce. This process is known as summary dissolution. Summary dissolution involves very little paperwork and the couple will not have to make a court appearance. A couple can be eligible for summary dissolution if they agree to property division on their own.

Also, certain conditions have to exist in order for this type of divorce to be effective. The first condition is that the couple should have been married for five years or less and they do not have any children together. The community property value cannot be more than $25,000, excluding automobiles.

The combined debt of the couple should not be more than $4,000, apart from any auto loans. This type of divorce is only available when both the spouses agree to a waiver of spousal support. Summary dissolution can be effective only when both parties agree to all issues. Additionally, before this divorce is final, one party may choose to cancel it. To find out more information about this type of divorce, one should contact his or her local court or the California courts website.

Source: The State Bar of California, "What Should I Know About Divorce And Custody?," accessed Jan. 26, 2015

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