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Rock star Slash files for divorce in California court

For many couples, married life can become difficult at a certain point. While some couples are able to sort out their differences and continue with the marriage, others fail to do so and decide to part ways. In many cases, divorce is the right decision for those couples.

Recently, prominent guitarist and member of the rock band Guns N' Roses, Slash, filed for divorce from Perla Ferrar Hudson, his wife of 13 years, in a California court. In the divorce filing Slash, born Saul Hudson, said that he is seeking divorce because of irreconcilable differences in the marriage. Slash is also seeking joint custody of the couple's two children; the boys are 12 and 10 years old. The divorce filing also claims that the date of separation was June 15, 2014.

This is not the first time the couple has separated. In fact, Slash filed for divorce in 2010 but withdrew his petition two months later. However, the latest spat between the couple seems to have reached an advanced stage. Reportedly, Perla asked Slash to mend his ways before the New Year and then unexpectedly flew to Hawaii with their children.

When situations such as this arise, it may be a wise decision for the couple to separate. However, separation brings along with it a unique set of familial circumstances and challenges. It can be even more difficult when there are children involved. Therefore, it is always a wise option to plan a divorce properly and then proceed so that nobody's interests are compromised, especially those of the children.

Source:, "Slash files for divorce from wife, report says," Dec. 31, 2014

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