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How to resolve property division issues in Southern California

Apart from who will take custody of a California couple's minor children, the most intensely disputed issues in divorce usually concern the disposition of real property, assets and debts. Whether a spouse is focused on staying in the martial home, keeping specific properties, protecting assets acquired during marriage or maintaining control of a business or other concern, reliable legal counsel can be critical.

An effective property division lawyer will address all relevant financial questions and goals and strive for fair, efficient and cost-effective solutions, whether the assets are modest or in the millions. In either case, an effective lawyer will enlist qualified experts as needed and go the distance to protect a client's interests.

As a community property state, California mandates that all assets acquired during a marriage are divided equally if a couple divorces. This includes a wide range of assets such as retirement accounts and art collections. In reality, the real-world application of this 50-50 formula presents challenges. An effective law firm can resolve disputes over such matters as whether property should be characterized as community property or separate property. Separate property is that owned by one spouse before marriage or property or assets received as a gift or inheritance during the marriage.

Other issues include accurate evaluation of complex assets, such as real estate, family-owned businesses and professional practices; allegations that either party has hidden assets or has otherwise failed to make a full financial disclosure; and whether equitable or "in-kind" exchanges are mutually acceptable to both parties and thus enable settlement of other potentially disputed issues such as spousal support.

A reputable family law firm with more than 20 years of experience can thoroughly analyze the financial issues in a client's divorce. The attorneys can then present realistic expectations and develop the best strategy to achieve the client's goals.

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