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January 2015 Archives

How child support complaints are resolved in California

In California, when parents have problems with child support orders, the California Department of Child Support Services can provide assistance if a parent requests help. For noncustodial parents, the issue may be that child support payments are too high; for custodial parents, the issue may be that the obligor misses payments. Fortunately, complaints can be filed by any party that has an issue that can be addressed by Child Support Services. The forms required to file complaints are available at local child support agencies, typically county agencies, as well as the Department of Child Support Services' official website.

How to resolve property division issues in Southern California

Apart from who will take custody of a California couple's minor children, the most intensely disputed issues in divorce usually concern the disposition of real property, assets and debts. Whether a spouse is focused on staying in the martial home, keeping specific properties, protecting assets acquired during marriage or maintaining control of a business or other concern, reliable legal counsel can be critical.

How does the UCCJEA affect child custody arrangements?

Gone are the days of parental abductions across the United States to get an unfavorable order by home state court reversed by the non-home state. Californians know how common the previous problem of parental abduction in the absence of an effective act. But now with Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act in place, chances of confusion related to child custody cases being dragged from home state to another state has been minimized.

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