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According to California family law, specific guidelines must be followed for paying child support. However, it does not mean that disputes over child support do not ever occur. If you are responsible for paying child support and are looking to modify a child support order, it is important that you seek legal help.

Kevin Qualls Family Law firm has two decades of experience in guiding women and men through all matters concerning divorce, including providing advice on paternity matters. Post-judgment modifications are also a commonality in most U.S. states, including California. This law firm deftly handles all orders regarding post-judgment modifications. The team of lawyers at Kevin Qualls Family Law works closely with each client seeking child support modification, in order to ensure that a fair order is issued.

In California, the factors that determine child support are the consolidated income of the parents and the time spent with each parent as provided by custody arrangements and visitation orders. If the implementation of these orders suddenly becomes critical, a seasoned attorney can help a beleaguered parent address these important matters -- such as any deviation from child support or visitation schedule.

A lawyer's advice is particularly helpful when a parent is in a high-income bracket or when disputes arise due to self-employment income, unreported earnings or correct calculation of additional financial support requirements, such as expenses related to pre-school and post-school care, where both parents have agreed to pay half the expenses. A skilled attorney understands each and every issue related to child support laws and will guide a confused parent successfully through the child support process.

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