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November 2014 Archives

Property division in a California divorce

Divorce brings in its wake not only emotional turbulence but financial woes as well. After all, family law in California requires that property be divided equally between divorcing couples. Also, couples may work out property division matters on their own, but until a judge signs off on this property division deal it will not be considered legally binding.

California's economy could get boost from same-sex marriages

In various states across the country, marriage is no longer limited to a union between a man and a woman. Over the last 15 years, the right to marry has been expanded to more and more citizens without the requirement that a union be limited to heterosexual partners. Now same-sex marriages are increasingly common and will probably increase in the years and decades ahead. California is one of the states that is expected to benefit from more same-sex weddings, possibly adding as much as $414 million each year to the state's economy.

Making difficult choices during divorce

When we get into a relationship, we believe it will last forever. However, circumstances may not allow us to hold on to the relationship for eternity. Many Californians have gone through heart breaks due to friends and family, but one of the most disturbing events can be a divorce, as it can affect the entire life of a person.

How can you obtain a child custody order in California?

When divorcing, some Californian parents come to an agreement on their own regarding custody and a visitation schedule for their child, while others just cannot agree. Parents who do agree can make the agreement for custody and visitation official without legal intervention. Although made without the court's order, both parties enforce the terms by following them. However, if one parent does not follow the agreement, only a court order can provide the teeth to enforce it.

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