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Divorce shouldn't bankrupt you

If the emotional impact weren’t enough to cause concern among divorcing couples, there is also the worry of a divorce's cost. In that regard, a recent article ranked California as among the seven worst states in the country for getting a divorce. The ranking considered multiple factors, including filing fees, length of time, and waiting periods. 

It is true that California’s filing fee of $395 is on the higher end of the spectrum, compared to other states. In addition, California is unique in imposing a six-month waiting period after the filing date, ostensibly for “cooling off.” 

Of course, filing fees may be just the start of the potential fees incurred when going through a divorce. If disputes arise, financial experts may be required to perform a forensic accounting or valuation of marital assets. To ensure that issues are not overlooked, most individuals also want the comfort of mind that comes from having legal representation. That, in turn, means legal fees.

Given the potentially excessive time and cost at stake, it is important for anyone considering a divorce to choose their attorney wisely. No one wants to overspend on legal fees or be surprised by hidden costs or expenses. 

Our firm takes great pride in being as cost-effective as possible, explaining costs at the beginning of the relationship. Since there are a lot of variables in a divorce, we also take the time to explain the factors that can change costs. Some costs may be unavoidable; however, it is possible to avoid the surprise that can result from costs that haven’t been explained up front. Check out our firm’s page on divorce to learn more.

Source: Forbes, “The 7 Worst States To Get Divorced,” Bruce Provda, Sept. 12, 2014

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