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Calling attention to domestic violence issues

According to a recent Presidential Proclamation, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence also agrees that public discussion of this issue is an important step in working for safety and justice. Accordingly, this week’s post calls readers’ attention to the legal protections that may be available to domestic violence victims.

In cases of alleged domestic violence, police often have some discretion to make an arrest when responding to a report of alleged domestic violence. Criminal charges may also follow, such as misdemeanor domestic assault. 

On the civil side, allegations of domestic violence are often accompanied by a request for an order of protection. An expedited hearing in a family law court may be convened to rule on the request. If approved, the protection order basically restrains an individual from contacting his or her spouse and/or children. Such orders typically also prohibit electronic communication via phone or e-mail.

As public consciousness has increased about the impact of domestic violence, some advocates have called attention to how children are impacted. Specifically, some fear that children may be targets for revenge against the other spouse. 

Until recently, protective orders may have barred suspected offenders from communicating or interacting with a spouse, but leaving children accessible. A pair of new laws changes that approach. California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed into law two bills that increase the protections for domestic violence victims -- and their children.

An attorney that focuses on divorce, domestic violence and other family law issues can explain the new laws in greater detail. What’s important is for domestic violence victims to take the first step of reaching out to an attorney. An attorney can work to ensure that allegations of domestic violence are properly investigated and tried in court.  

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