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California man charged for tampering with paternity test

As any parent knows, raising a child can be a substantial expense. For parents who are divorced, child support can similarly represent a sizable financial obligation. A recent story demonstrates that the expense may even inspire criminal attempts to deny paternity.  

Specifically a California school board official recently pleaded no contest to a felony count for conspiring to obstruct justice in a paternity action against him. A former school employee who claimed that the 47-year-old official was the father of her child brought the paternity action. The plea bargain means that he will lose his seat on the school board. 

According to prosecutors, the man allegedly conspired with a laboratory worker at a DNA test center to submit a false sample. However, authorities were able to collect a true DNA sample from a paper towel discarded by the man after using the restroom at one of his school board meetings. The collected sample did not match the one from the man’s paternity test. Based on that discrepancy and their investigation, officials assembled their criminal case against the man.

An attorney that focuses on family law understands the importance of DNA testing in legally establishing the biological father of a child. For both parents, it is import to carefully follow legal procedures. For mothers, evidence of a father’s parentage will be required in obtaining an order for California child support. For a father interested in obtaining formal visitation rights, evidence of paternity will be important. Even if a couple has had an informal parenting relationship for some time, taking legal action may be a way to protect future custody, support and visitation rights under the law. 

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “Twin Rivers trustee pleads no contest in paternity case,” Diana Lambert, Oct. 16, 2014


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