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October 2014 Archives

Obtaining a child support order in California

Orange County residents would agree that the money a custodial parent receives from the supporting parent in the form of child support is critical to the various financial needs of the child. Therefore, child support is one of the most important issues that parents need to address after separating. Understanding California's child support guidelines is a must in that situation.

Prenuptial agreements can be challenged

Couples in California who have the foresight to create a prenuptial agreement before getting married may feel that their financial rights are secured should their marriage come to an end. In many cases this is true. However, that doesn't mean that the terms of a prenuptial agreement cannot be challenged should the couple eventually divorce.

California man charged for tampering with paternity test

As any parent knows, raising a child can be a substantial expense. For parents who are divorced, child support can similarly represent a sizable financial obligation. A recent story demonstrates that the expense may even inspire criminal attempts to deny paternity.  

Divorce shouldn't bankrupt you

If the emotional impact weren’t enough to cause concern among divorcing couples, there is also the worry of a divorce's cost. In that regard, a recent article ranked California as among the seven worst states in the country for getting a divorce. The ranking considered multiple factors, including filing fees, length of time, and waiting periods. 

Calling attention to domestic violence issues

According to a recent Presidential Proclamation, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence also agrees that public discussion of this issue is an important step in working for safety and justice. Accordingly, this week’s post calls readers’ attention to the legal protections that may be available to domestic violence victims.

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