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Does affluence make divorce easier for kids?

Readers might assume that children of more financially secure households would fare better after a divorce. However, a recent study suggests the opposite.

The study involved a national sample of almost 4,000 children. Compared to lower-income families, children under 5 years of age from more affluent backgrounds displayed more behavioral problems. Yet the change did not seem to affect children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Although researchers do not definitively understand the reason, they suspect that children from higher-income families might experience more disruption in a divorce. Their post-divorce household might be significantly less stable and affluent. 

Yet an attorney that focuses on divorce and family law knows that the emotional and psychological effect of a divorce upon children from all types of backgrounds can be substantial. When considering legal and physical custody requests, a court may specifically examine each parent’s separate ability to provide a stable and nurturing environment after the divorce. Of course, other factors also constitute the inquiry of a child’s best interest.

Yet children will need to adjust to their new family structure, and no amount of child support can avoid that transition. Parents, too, will have to adjust to a new custody and visitation arrangement.

An attorney can remind a parent going through a divorce of all of the important questions that must be asked. For example, when combined with other pressures, such as each parent’s work schedule and commute, reaching consensus on a viable schedule can be a challenge. Custody should not be approached as a win or lose proposition, but rather as a solution that will work for everyone.

Source: Time, “Wealthy Kids Are More Affected by Divorce Than Poor Kids,” Belinda Luscombe, Sept. 10, 2014



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