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June 2014 Archives

Wealthy family not required to support son's ex-wife or children

A California appellate court recently ruled that money a man had received from his wealthy parents during the course of his marriage should be categorized as income for purposes of establishing child support and spousal support. However, the court also found that the man's parents were no longer supporting him, and so agreed with the trial court's decision not to take his parents' wealth into account when evaluating his ability to pay.

Understanding some of the changes accompanying divorce

For people of Orange County, a divorce might be amicable or contentious, but the basic ways in which a divorce affects people's financial lives are quite similar. At the end of a marriage, parties must decide how to divide their assets and which assets are subject to division. Although California courts state that they wish former spouses to walk away from a divorce with an equitable share of property, someone could end up with less than what is fair if he or she does not understand their options.

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