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April 2014 Archives

Dealing with pet ownership during divorce

Separating spouses in California may expect to battle over certain aspects of their divorce, such as how to split up assets of a sizable value, like real property, investment accounts, retirement accounts and expensive collections. However, one aspect of the divorce that they may not anticipate arguing about in their divorce case is ownership of pets.

Artwork and real estate become issues in power couple divorce

California residents may be interested reading about in the divorce proceedings of two art-collecting lobbyists in Washington, D.C. The husband only recently filed for divorce, although the couple had announced that they were separating a year before. At the time that the news was announced, it was believed that the couple would not face any problems dividing their large collection of artwork. Now, in his divorce filing he is asking that he be able to retain the artwork that he acquired before marriage. Although it is generally standard for individuals to keep their premarital property, the court may need to evaluate each asset to properly characterize it as separate or marital property.

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