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SupportPay might help with child support

While divorce and family law cases in California may be highly emotional in nature, they often are worked out as business transactions. Divorce agreements and child support orders provide the basic provisions that bind two or more parties, much like a contract. A divorced mother saw this connection and decided to create a child support app that would model the business world.

As the future creator of SupportPay was completing expense reports for her boss on a business flight and reminding her ex about a bill, the idea struck her that child support could work more efficiently by embracing a business model. She wondered how parents would operate if software helped them to manage the often emotional process of dealing with child support. She pinpointed problems with child support, such as creating a series of debits and credits between parents when one parent pays for an item for the child, expecting the other to reimburse him or her for the payment.

After conducting research into the subject, the creator launched her new app. It is available through a subscription on both iOS and Android devices. It solves several problems that families experience with child support by providing a method for parents to immediately scan and store receipts. Parents can also use the app to establish a pre-approval system that is triggered whenever expenses exceed an amount specified by the user. This situation can help individuals who are paying medical bills and who may have an ex who intentionally uses out-of-network doctors to arbitrarily increase the amount of medical expenses the paying spouse has to pay.

Individuals who want to pursue child support might decide to consult with a family lawyer. Such an attorney might be able to provide advice about how to keep track of support payments.

Source: Fast Company, "Supportpay Aims to Take Headaches Out of Child Support and Family Finances ", David Zax, February 18, 2014

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