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Woman seeks child support from hip-hop artist Ludacris

In a case that some entertainment fans in California are watching with interest, Ludacris is currently involved in legal talks over his child support obligations. The 'Fast and Furious" star, who has a 13-year-old daughter from a prior relationship, became a father for the second time on Dec. 9. The child was born of a brief affair that Ludacris had with another woman when he separated from his girlfriend for a short time during 2013.

The baby's mother is seeking high amount of child support; however, through his own legal defense, the rapper is seeking to limit these payments to a lesser amount. He has reported his monthly income as an average of just under $26,000, which would make his child support payments come out to around $1,750 per month for his daughter.

This claim seems to contradict other reports on the entertainer's income. According to Forbes, Ludacris is one of the highest paid hip-hop artists of 2013. He earned more than $12 million, beating out Eminem and 50 Cent. He has earned a significant amount of money not only from his various albums but also from his parts in the 'Fast and Furious" movies. As of 2013, his worth is reportedly more than $75 million.

In some cases, a parent might not be up front about their income. A family attorney might be able to help a client when working out acceptable child support payments, especially if it is believed that the other parent is trying to hide money or isn't being honest about their wages. Child support plans may also be different if one parent earns a remarkably high income.

Source: Jobs & Hire, "Ludacris Lovechild: Rapper Cheats on Girlfriend Eudoxie, Faces Child Support Battle With Tamika Fuller", January 03, 2014

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