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Website devoted to unpaid child support

A California county has instituted a new program in an effort to locate "deadbeat" parents. The San Diego County Department of Child Support Services has recently announced an online tip line to collect information on individuals who are suspected of not paying their court-ordered child support.

Agency officials stated that thousands of children in San Diego are living with a parent who has not been receiving child support payments due. While some parents may not have the money to provide for their children, others run away from their responsibilities and do whatever they can to avoid paying.

Officials reported that there are approximately 100,000 cases involving $4 million of court-ordered support that goes unpaid every month in San Diego County alone. A spokesman for the agency said that it hopes that the child support tip line will help the department track down and immediately act on tips regarding parents who are delinquent in meeting court-ordered amounts. The line will allow users to submit as much information as possible regarding the suspected nonpaying parent, such as names, addresses, social security numbers and places of employment. This information is not released to the public, and tipsters may remain anonymous.

Delinquent child support represents a significant problem nationwide, and the results can be devastating to custodial parents and their children. Information collected from this website may help officials locate individuals who are shown to be in arrears on child support and pursue payment from them. This may prove to be an important method of collection in situations where previous attempts have so far been proven to be unfruitful.

Source:, "County launches website to report deadbeat parents", Christian De La Rosa, December 13, 2013

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