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Restaurateur sues husband for stealing recipes

When California celebrities get divorced, allegations of infidelity are not uncommon. However, in a recent high-profile divorce between a famous restaurateur, the main allegation is that a man has given away secret family recipes.

Of course, allegations of infidelity are also present in the case between the 63-year-old owner of a famous deli in New York and her estranged husband. The wife claims that she has decided to divorce her husband because he allegedly has been having an ongoing affair with a waitress that used to work at the wife's restaurant, the Carnegie Deli. The couple was married for 22 years prior to the wife's announcement that she is seeking a divorce. The waitress is allegedly 61 years old and the beneficiary of multiple gifts from the restaurateur's husband, including multiple mortgage payments, jewelry and money to pay for plastic surgery.

However, what appears to sting the worst for the wife is the belief that the husband has been giving secret recipes to his mistress. The Carnegie Deli has a loyal following and is known for its pastrami and cheesecake. She claims that these items are some of her best sellers and that her husband has given away the recipes to them, an allegation that she considers to be an example of theft. According to the wife, the husband has dispensed such top secret information that his mistress' family has been able to create a knock-off restaurant in their homeland, Thailand. That restaurant reportedly sells the same pastrami sandwiches and cheesecake. The woman has filed a lawsuit, claiming that the husband has acted wrongfully toward her.

If a spouse has stolen assets that belong to another spouse or hidden assets, he or she may decide to seek help from the court. A family law attorney might be able to explain options that are available to protect a client's wealth.

Source: Huffington Post, "Carnegie deli owner in divorce battle says husband cheated and gave away secret recipes", November 18, 2013

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