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Divorce can result in similar issues for every income level

People who are thinking about filing for a divorce might wonder what issues they will encounter throughout the process. A person could read about celebrity divorces in the news and hear stories from friends. They might think that their issues will all vary by a couple's income level. While the complexity of a case can change, many couples face some of the same key issues when seeking a divorce.

Prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular for many couples, and are now a consideration in many divorces, not just the divorces of the rich and famous. These agreements can help make a divorce easier by making it clear who will get certain assets and what the terms of parts of the divorce might look like. This is particularly important when dividing property.

Property division is an issue that almost every couple will have to deal with in a divorce. Who should get the house, or should it be sold? How much of the retirement accounts and investments should each person receive. While the answer might seem like it should be 50/50, assets are sometimes split differently because of the type of asset.

Child custody and support are also common issue. When a couple can't come to a child custody agreement, a judge might decide what they think is in the best interest of the child, although there are often various steps before that decision is made. Speaking with an experienced divorce attorney might be a wise decision for anyone thinking about the process. They can help a person understand how filing works and work through the process with them.

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