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Baby who was part of Supreme Court ruling adoption finalized

The Supreme Court decided a highly watched case in June about a child who was adopted to a couple, but then returned to her biological father under the Indian Child Welfare Act. The case involved a biological father who claims he never gave up his parental rights, despite the biological mother saying he did. After the girl was given to the adoptive parents, he sued to regain child custody.

A state court then decided that he should have custody, and the girl was returned to her biological father. Now, after the Supreme Court ruling that the decision of the state court was made using a law incorrectly, the state court has approved the adoption and transition plan of the girl, known as baby Veronica. This will result in her return to the adoptive couple.

Cases involving child custody are often very sensitive. Many times parents don't want to be away from their children, and custody changes might mean that they have limited abilities to see them. speaking with an experienced family law attorney might be a wise decision for any parent who is having a custody dispute.

Sometimes custody cases arise out of adoption issues, and other times they result from a divorce. Whatever the reason, it is important that people advocate for what they think is best for their children. An attorney can help the person assert their parental rights. Understanding the legal system and the sensitive nature of child custody proceedings can help a parent through the process. If a custody decision isn't favorable, an attorney can help appeal for a different custody arrangement.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor, "Supreme Court: 'Baby Veronica' to return to adoptive parents," Warren Richey, Aug. 2, 2013

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