Concentrating On Family Law Since 1990

Kevin L Qualls Family Law is based in Orange, California. We are a small law firm that provides a high level of personalized service to each of our clients. We are known for responsive communication, responsible advocacy and great results.

Founding attorney Kevin L Qualls has focused his practice exclusively on family law since 1990, concentrating on complex divorce and child custody cases. Kevin continues to represent men and women in vitally important legal matters that impact many aspects of their lives.

While the majority of our clients reside in south and central Orange County, we serve individuals and families in other parts of Southern California as well. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Maintaining Civility And Getting Results Quickly. So You Can Move On.

One of the hardest things to do in a divorce, custody or child support case – for divorcing spouses, disagreeing co-parents and even for us lawyers – is to act in a civil manner, without being overcome by emotion. It is difficult to assertively protect your rights without becoming aggressive, but we think that balance is key to reaching good outcomes in family law cases – not just outcomes that look good now, but outcomes that can help you preserve a measure of peace for the long term.

After almost 25 years of family law practice, we have found that taking the high road will pay dividends in the long run – dividends that will benefit you and your children. To that end, we seek to be sensible and fair in our dealings with the other side, while making sure our clients and their children are treated properly in settlements and legal proceedings.

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