Will I Get To Keep My House?

If you are going through a divorce, you may be wondering about what other people in similar situations are wondering: "Will I get to keep my house?" Since every divorce is different — and every property is different — the answer will depend on a number of factors that relate to your specific circumstances.

It is very easy to feel powerless when you are going through the emotional and financial challenges of a divorce. Many of our clients come to us worried about where they are going to live. They are often concerned about the stability of their children's living situation and the continuity of their education. Our firm understands these anxieties, and we can help you get through them.

Addressing Important Questions About Property Division

At the Orange County offices of Kevin Qualls Family Law, California family law is all we do. Founding attorney Kevin Qualls has been helping clients navigate the rough waters of divorce and property division since 1990.

  • If we have to sell the house, how will the proceeds be divided?
  • What if our house or condo is "under water" — worth less than the value of the mortgage — or it needs repairs?
  • If I made a "separate property" down payment to purchase the house, will I get full credit for that?
  • If I end up keeping the house, will that affect what happens to our other property?
  • What will happen if we own rental property or vacation property?
  • Who should make mortgage and tax payments while we decide all this?

Divorce is hard, but it doesn't have to be acrimonious. We can help you find creative solutions to problems related to real property and other important assets like business assets and retirement accounts.

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