Business Asset Division

Divorce is complicated. One of the most confusing aspects of property division in divorce is the division of business assets like family businesses and professional practices.

When complex assets are involved in a divorce, a good lawyer may not be enough. Your assets may need to be looked at by an expert to help you reach the best possible outcome.

Valuation of a business is a subjective thing. Some businesses are technically worth a lot, but they may not yield much in the way of income. Other businesses have good cash flow despite looking modest on paper — and cash flow can have a significant impact on spousal support or child support matters in some divorce cases.

Managing The Complexities Of Property Division

At Kevin Qualls Family Law, based in Orange, California, we help our clients manage the complexities and risks of asset division in divorce. If you are going through (or anticipating) a divorce, we can help you by:

  • Evaluating your portfolio to establish a clear picture of your assets
  • Using forensic accountants to obtain valuation of a family business or other business
  • Carefully considering your income and your spouse's income in planning for divorce

We understand that your business holdings and investments — or your spouse's business assets — may impact your divorce in a pervasive manner.

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