Legal Separation And Annulment

It's Complicated

If your marriage is unsustainable but you do not want to get divorced, you may have other options. Legal separation and annulment are the two best-known alternatives to divorce when things seem complicated. Since it is easy to misunderstand both separation and annulment, it is important to discuss your goals with an experienced lawyer.

At Kevin Qualls Family Law, based in Orange County, we have concentrated exclusively on family law since 1990. Regardless of the complexity of your situation, we can help you work out arrangements that protect you (and your children if you are a parent) while keeping conflict and animosity to a minimum. As your law firm, we will work closely with you to reach your goals.

What Is Legal Separation? What Are The Advantages?

Essentially, legal separation means you and your spouse are living separately and apart with no intent to reconcile. Some people choose legal separation to try to minimize disruption for their children, keep their housing intact or even to keep their health insurance; others use a separation as a step toward divorce.

Legal separation can help when there are no court orders regarding who is going to pay bills and take care of children's needs. It can be useful for spouses who get along but feel they cannot be together. Legal separation may or may not be in your best interest.

How Do You Get An Annulment?

It is not easy to obtain an annulment — which means that, legally, a marriage is considered to have never happened. Under California law, a court can grant an annulment on one of six grounds, including:

  • You or the other spouse was underage when you got married.
  • You were already married.
  • There was fraud that is considered to go to the heart of the marriage. Deceiving someone about credit card debt, for example, is usually not adequate.
  • You or the other spouse was unable to consummate the marriage.

If annulment is right for you for religious reasons or other purposes, we can help you explore it, and we can discuss other options, too.

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