Divorce Planning

Knowing What To Expect And How To Proceed: A Long-Term Approach

If you are going through a divorce, or you believe divorce is imminent, it can be helpful to look ahead and plan things out before you take action. It can reduce stress and remove much of the uncertainty to take a long-term approach.

At Kevin Qualls Family Law, we understand the many challenges of divorce. We help our clients meet those challenges with intelligence and tact. When you know what to expect during the divorce process and beyond, you can be ready.

Benefit From A Quarter Century Of Experience

Orange County divorce planning attorney Kevin Qualls has practiced family law exclusively since 1990. Kevin's quarter century of experience has equipped him to help clients prepare for and navigate the divorce process. If you are considering divorce, he can help you answer critical questions like:

  • How will our property be divided if I get divorced?
  • Will I be able to keep my house?
  • What kind of child custody and visitation arrangements can I expect?
  • If I am a parent, will I pay or receive child support?
  • Is legal separation a viable alternative to divorce in my case?
  • What if reconciliation is possible?
  • I'm not legally married. Is there such a thing as common-law marriage in the state of California?

From financial planning and living arrangements to your child's education and schedule, our firm can help you to be thorough in divorce planning.

Protecting Your Best Interests And Your Children's Best Interests

Every divorce is different. Contact us to discuss your concerns with an experienced lawyer. We offer a free half-hour consultation.