Child Custody/Visitation Modifications

Child custody arrangements are never set in stone because life can change. With regard to custody, a modification refers to a change to an existing court order. A modification can be obtained by a parent in the aftermath of a divorce, or it can relate to a child whose parents never married.

If you need advice and representation regarding a child custody order that has become obsolete or inappropriate, talk to Kevin Qualls Family Law in Orange, California. We have a thorough knowledge of the custody laws and court procedures that apply to your case.

Useful Advice And Efficient Representation In Custody And Visitation Matters

If your situation has changed in a way that has created the need for a modification, our firm can help you petition a court for a change, or we can give you honest advice if a modification is not plausible or not in your best interest. Specifically, we may be able to assist you if your situation involves:

  • A relocation (move-away) that you or your co-parent is planning due to a job change, a relationship or a family need
  • Your children's needs changing
  • A visitation schedule that no longer works well for your family
  • Child support payments that you believe should be adjusted

Attorney Kevin L. Qualls has been handling challenging child custody matters since 1990. In addition to representing parents, he is court-appointed in some cases to represent children in Orange County.

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