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The field of family law addresses some of life's most painful and stressful changes and challenges. If you are visiting this site, you may be in need of advice or legal representation for yourself or a loved one who is going through a divorce or otherwise experiencing a difficult time. Our firm is here to assist you.

Practical Guidance On Important Divorce And Custody Matters

At Kevin Qualls Family Law, we limit our practice to divorce, child custody and visitation issues, asset division, and other essential family law matters in Orange County, California. We have focused exclusively on these matters since 1990. We are known for providing strong representation and practical guidance to our clients.

As our client, you can be assured of the following:

  • We will do our best to keep you in the driver's seat. Our firm will make sure you understand what options you have regarding all aspects of your divorce or family law matter. We will explain how California law applies to your circumstances and allow you to make your own choices.
  • We will get your divorce or family law case done as quickly as possible. No one wants a family law case to drag on for a long time; nearly everyone wants closure and stability. Equipped with a quarter century of relevant experience, we can move very fast in getting paperwork filed, setting court dates and obtaining temporary support or visitation orders issued.
  • We will do it right the first time. There is nothing more frustrating than discovering — after it's too late — that your case was handled in a way that has created more trouble for you. We will properly handle your divorce or custody matter the first time. Since we take on a limited number of cases and we communicate extensively with our clients regarding all critical issues, we will take the time to talk through all aspects of your case before any decisions are made.
  • We will be as cost-effective as possible. Nobody wants to overspend on their legal counsel. We will explain our costs — and factors that can change costs — at the beginning of our relationship so there are no surprises later. Our firm will be as cost-effective as possible in handling your case.

Most people who come to our firm have never been through a divorce or another serious marital or custodial problem. We are here to answer your questions and help you understand your legal rights.

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