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We can help with child support income disputes

A previous post on this blog discussed how the amount of child support a parent has to pay depends heaving both on his or her own income and that of the other parent. The post also mentioned that the definition of income is very broad, and their can be disputes about whether something should count as income or not.

How does child support work if we share custody?

A popular trend both in Orange County, California, and throughout the rest of the country is for parents who do not live in the same homes to agree to each have their children half of the time. Indeed, a California parent can probably see how, in most cases, it is healthy for a child in most cases to see each of their parents as much as possible and to be able to watch their parents get along.

How child support helps children

As we have stressed before, the importance of protecting the best interests of the children during and following a divorce cannot be understated. The courts understand this as well, and will make decisions regarding child custody and child support to assure that the child's best interests will always be met.

What counts as income in a child support calculation?

Like other states, California's child support guidelines rely heavily on income with respect to determining the appropriate amount of child support. The idea is that a child should enjoy the standard of living he or she would have had if the child's parents lived in the same household, and a standard of living for a child ultimately depends a lot on each parent's income.

What child support payments can cover

Last week we spoke about child support enforcement in the state of California. This week, we will take a step back and look at what child support payments can be used for. Despite what many people believe, child support payments can extend well beyond that of just the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing.

Common questions regarding child support modifications

Any type of legal issue that involves family is stressful. There can be a large amount of uncertainty and fear and many situations aren't helped by the fact that such matters can be extremely complicated. Dealing with family law issues such as child support, however, doesn't have to be rife with unanswered questions and guesses.

How does relocation and travel out of state work in California?

California parents who are trying to raise a child in two separate households probably would hope their children would be able to live close to them. On a practical level, that makes child custody and visitation easier to manage. Emotionally, many also find that living close can make a huge difference in the quality of relationship a parent has with his or her children.

Representing parents in child support proceedings

When parents in California decide to divorce, the well-being of their child may be the first thing on their mind. Of course, they may want to see that their child weathers the separation as well as possible emotionally, but they may also be concerned with child custody decisions, and how their child will adjust to having two homes.

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